5 Tips to Stop the Water in Your Livestock Tank From Freezing

If you live in the Snowy Mountains or another cold area and you are putting in a water tank for your livestock, you may need to take steps to ensure that your water doesn't freeze. There are a variety of options that can help. Take a look at these ideas.

Opt for an Insulated Water Tank

An insulated water tank may be just what you need to prevent the water from freezing. These tanks work on the same principle as insulated coolers or coffee cups. Whether you put in hot items or cold items, the insulation helps to stop the temps from changing.

To that end, you may want to put water that is about room temperature in your tanks. That way it's cool enough for the animals to enjoy, but the insulation will stop the exterior air from making the water any colder.

Choose Colours That Absorb Sunlight

Dark colours can also help. If you choose a black tank, for example, whenever the sun shines, the outside of the sun will absorb it. That heat will translate to the water and help to prevent it from freezing. In contrast, a light-coloured tank will reflect the light, and if it bounces off, it won't help the water.

Add an Electrical Coil

If you've already installed your water tank and you're looking for a retroactive solution, you may want to add an electrical coil. These are metal-covered coils that are safe to put in water. The coil heats up the water so that it doesn't freeze, but because the coil is insulated, you don't have to worry about the water conducting the electricity or electrocuting the animals.

Try a Floating Deicer

A floating deicer works on the same principal as an electric coil, but it only affects a small surface area of the water in the tank. You can get floating deicers that look just like natural stones and that can provide a nice decorative effect.

Because these floating elements only clear ice from a small area, you may need to combine multiple ones. The aggregate effect should keep the ice at bay enough so that your animals can continue drinking.

Keep the Water Moving

If water is continuously moving, it will only freeze in very, very cold conditions. You may want to add a pump and create a waterfall effect to keep your water moving. Your water tank installation professional may have other ideas as well.