Wire Mesh Fencing You Can Use to Keep Out Trespassers

Restricting the access of people in your property is quite an important thing. Trespassers can lead to various undesired issues such as the destruction of valuable property which might cost you. To keep people out of your home, construction sites or even private property, one will mostly go for wire fencing which is affordable and quite effective. You may not be aware of the types of wire mesh fencing available on the market so here is a simple guide that will help you to make an informed decision.  

Galvanised Before Welding\Weaving (GBW)

These wires can either be woven or welded depending on the type one wishes to acquire. They consist of a zinc coating which is burnt off during the welding process at the points of intersection. This leaves parts the fence unprotected exposing them to corrosion as well as rust. During wet weather, moisture collects at the joints hastening the corrosive process.

Such types of wire mesh fencing can be seen in places such as garden centres as well as supply stores. They also come in various sizes, gauges and heights which can be selected depending on your preferences. The fences are quite inexpensive which makes them affordable; however, their durability might be jeopardised.

On the other hand, the galvanised woven fences do not have any welded points in their construction. This means that they are not as vulnerable as the welded types. The galvanised before weaving fences exist from lightweight all the way to heavy gauges that can even be used for wildlife. The more substantial woven fences come with a prominent lifetime, mostly those rated to be class 3 galvanised.

Vinyl Coated Fencing (VC)

The vinyl wire fences are coated with either PVC or polyester after they have been welded or weaved. Such types of wire meshes come in either green or black colouring with black being the most unobtrusive. The black fences perfectly blend with the background environment which makes them almost invisible.

After the welding or the weaving process, the vinyl coating ends up covering the entire mesh which leaves it protected from issues such as rust or corrosion. In spite of their expensive nature, the mesh fences offer better life expectancy as well as an attractive appearance. They come in various specifications which can be adapted for many uses. The wire mesh fencing is aesthetically pleasing which leaves a greater look for the environment.

The VC fences come in various prices depending on the grades available. The least expensive are those which did not excellently bond with the vinyl coat. The coating becomes easily removable with fingers and only lasts for a while. The most expensive ones, however, have a tighter coating which resists scratching even with a knife. This makes them durable and perfect for longer service.