Why You Should Use Salvaged Timber to Manufacture New Floors

Timber salvage, as the name suggests, is wood that has been reclaimed from prior applications to be used in a new form. The timber is typically salvaged from old structures such as warehouses, shipyards, barns, factories and more. Once the wood is reclaimed, it is taken to a recycling factory where it is processed. This processing involves the removal of nails and fasteners, having the edges of the timber trimmed and subsequent treatment of the timber to prevent the risk of rot. In the flooring industry, timber is one of the popular options for both residential and commercial use. Nevertheless, this does not mean you always have to source for fresh timber. Here are some reasons to consider using salvaged timber to manufacture new floors:

Salvaged timber is cost-efficient

Although hardwood flooring is one of the classic materials that homeowners can choose for their property, some people just cannot afford this type o flooring. Thus, as a flooring manufacturer, you may find that stocking hardwood-flooring options may not be as lucrative as opting for the cheaper softwood alternatives. To counter this, you should consider investing in reclaimed hardwood. The salvaged hardwood is much more affordable, and this cost efficiency trickles down to the consumer. Therefore, you get to boost your sales while also providing your customers with an affordable flooring alternative without compromising on quality.

Salvaged timber is eco-conscious

Another reason to opt for salvaged timber when manufacturing flooring is you can rest assured your flooring solutions are not harming the environment. Firstly, by choosing reclaimed timber for your manufacturing business, you help in reducing timber wastage. Secondly, as more businesses and property owners gravitate toward salvaged timber, there is a decrease in deforestation. Both these results contribute to conserving the environment. Moreover, the upsurge in individuals that are looking to reduce their carbon footprint will also translate into an increase in popularity of your business as you are offering eco-conscious solutions for both commercial and residential applications.

Salvaged timber is attractive and durable

An assumption people make about salvaged timber is that it would be unattractive and weak since it is old wood. In truth, reclaimed timber would probably offer you unique pieces of lumber than recently harvested timber. The older the wood, the higher the chances that it was logged from mature forests whose trees had a fine grain pattern. Secondly, the prolonged exposure to the elements translates into the timber being more resilient to rot and pest infestations.