Installing a New Steel Garage Door? Here's How to Get the Best Value from It

Stainless steel is one of the best materials that you can choose for your new garage door. When it comes to long durability, no material comes close to steel. Its sturdiness allows it to last for decades while maintaining curb appeal. Also, it requires little maintenance as you don't have to perform regular tests to ensure that it is working properly. Additionally, you can also ask your manufacturer to customize the steel structure to complement other structures in the home. Before you approach a contractor or steel manufacturer, here are some that will help you to get the best value from the installation.

Steel thickness and tensile strength

Steel is a sturdy and durable material, but not all types of the metal have the same tensile strength. Tensile strength refers to the amount of pressure that the steel sheet can withstand before it breaks. This property has a lot to do with the thickness of the stainless steel metal – steel with a thick construction is sturdier than that with a thin one. When choosing the best material for your stainless manufacturing, go for thicker steel as this will have a high tensile strength and be able to resist impact. However, even with thick steel, an impact from a vehicle can damage the door.


Steel is a poor insulator; therefore, when choosing a door, you should go for one that's insulated to prevent heat loss and noise pollution. Steel garage doors that are not insulated are made up of a single layer of steel sheet. Their tensile strength will depend on the thickness of the material. Insulated steel comprises of steel sheets with layers of insulation between them. The most common insulation products used are polystyrene and polyurethane. Both insulators have a high thermal resistance and will do an excellent job of preventing heat loss in the home and keeping out the noise. Ensure that you go for insulated steel to enjoy energy efficiency benefits of your new garage door.

Durable finishes

The aesthetics of your garage door a decade from now are dependent on the type of finishes used for the door. One of the advantages of choosing stainless steel for your garage door is that the material can be powder coated. Powder coatings are the best finishes for metal products on the market today. They do not fade or chip after exposure to UV radiation. Also, they are scratch resistant and can withstand impact. Powder coats are available in a variety of colors and patterns, and you can choose one that blends with the rest of the exterior décor.

Have these things in mind when approaching a steel manufacturing company for your custom steel garage door.