Why You Should Always Consider Wooden Crates Instead of the Alternative

In any industry or area of commerce, there is a perception that newer is better, as innovation continues to change the landscape of almost every business. Designers and builders are always coming up with alternative ways to perform a certain task, with the aim of saving time or money or making any enterprise more efficient. However, modern design does not always usurp the tried and tested alternative, and this is definitely the case when it comes to the use of crates. Why are the old-style wooden crates still preferable to this day, even though a wide variety of other materials are available?

Bottom-Line Savings

Firstly, these options are a lot more affordable than some of the would-be replacements. Wooden crates are a lot cheaper to produce than plywood boxes, as an example, and are far more straightforward to create, as well. With lower manufacturing costs and relative ease of transportation, it's not surprising that the end user reaps the financial benefit.


Wooden crates are designed to be sturdy in every situation, and this means that they will be easy to stack when not in use. They can also effectively protect any goods or materials that they are storing, and warehouse managers will be particularly happy to see that they can use all of their vertical space with this option. The weight of any materials will be equally distributed across the base of each pallet and down through the stack, as well, and there is very little danger of these solutions toppling over, unlike some of the more modern materials.

Resource Reduction

Alternatively, if you only use wooden crates at certain times but not others, it's usually quite easy to collapse them so that you can take up even less storage space. In this mode, you can also return them to the provider quite easily, with a corresponding reduction in shipping costs.

Product Protection

You may need to store some goods that are perishable, and this is less of a problem with wooden crates than other solutions made from plastic or aluminium. They have slatted sides that allow air circulation, while also protecting what's inside from any harsh elements.

Trust What You Know

So, when it comes to your everyday needs, its best to trust the tried and tested alternative, rather than getting too carried away with other marketing messages. Have a word with your crate supplier to see how this option could satisfy your requirement.