Essential Traits You Need When Choosing Street Furniture

If you need furniture for the outside of a building, you may want to invest in street furniture. This helps to create a sense of community outside, but you need to choose the furniture carefully. Consider looking for the following traits.


When furniture is stored permanently outdoors, it needs to be durable. It has to withstand the threats of the sun, wind and other elements. However, when it comes to street furniture, you also want furniture that can withstand a vehicle potentially bumping into it.


Outdoor furniture is often flimsy and uncomfortable, but it doesn't have to be. Whether you're investing in street furniture for the sidewalk in front of your restaurant, school, hospital or other type of facility, you may want to focus on comfortable designs.

In particular, your street furniture should be inviting to people of all sizes. You should also look for sturdy furniture with slanted, ergonomically shaped backs. You may even want to choose street furniture with cushions integrated into it.


Your street furniture is an extension of your building's exterior. To that end, it should complement the outside of your building. If your building is a modern style, you may want metal furniture. If your building is more traditional, you may want wood. In addition to materials, you also need to ensure that the shape and cut of your street furniture complements your building.


Street furniture that's perfect in one setting may not be ideal in another setting. Ideally, when choosing your furniture, you should think about what the people who patronise your business or use your services need. They may need a bench where they can wait for public transit, they may need tables and chairs to enjoy meals, or they may be fine with a leaning rail. That attaches to an external wall of your building, and it gives people a place to rest without fully committing to sitting.

Environmentally Friendly

You may also want furniture that is environmentally friendly. Durability plays a role in that—the more durable the furniture is, the longer it lasts and the less likely it is to end up in a landfill. Additionally, you may want to look for furniture that is made with environmentally friendly materials such as locally sourced wood or recycled metal.

Replacement Parts Available

Finally, when choosing a manufacturer for your street furniture, look for one that offers replacement parts. Then, if something breaks down, you can fix it easily. You don't have to throw the whole piece into the trash.