Custom Packaging: Three Essential Tips for Ordering Product Boxes

Proper packaging of your products is critical for the safety of your merchandise and the satisfaction of your customers. In general, your choice of packaging will determine the probability of damage during handling and transportation. If the packaging is not reliable, the product will be compromised due to harsh shipping conditions, indiscriminate stacking and accidental dropping. Also, you should remember that the packaging box will affect the visual appeal of your item. Here are some essential tips for ordering custom-made boxes for your products. 

Consider the Correct Sizing

You should choose the correct size for your custom boxes for ideal functionality and performance. If the container is too small, your merchandise will not fit comfortably, and the possibility of damage will be high. On the other hand, if the box is too large, it might increase the total merchandise shipping expenses for your company. Under ideal circumstances, the box should match the size of the potential contents. Remember, you should have some extra buffer space if you have to place some protective fillers, instruction manuals or similar items. 

Choose the Correct Material

You should select the right material for your packaging boxes. There are different material options to consider. Therefore, your choice should depend on the special properties of your products and the level of packaging protection required. If you are planning on placing a delicate product in the custom-made box, you should inquire about strong and rigid materials. These will stabilise your fragile merchandise. Moreover, you can add fillers to absorb the impact during transportation and handling. 

Unfortunately, high-strength box materials can be expensive, so they are not feasible for all products. Therefore, you should consider lighter materials if you are handling a tough product. You should also think about getting a custom-made box with special properties for extra protection for your merchandise. For example, some products will degrade in sunlight. A UV-resistant box will prolong product lifespan. Waterproof packaging might also be necessary for some products.

Think About Aesthetics 

Finally, you should ensure that your custom-made box is attractive enough for positive visual impact. When customising your design, you can choose interesting shapes, colours, branding and general styling. These characteristics should complement your company goals and the general message desired for your products. You should be careful not to clutter the box with too many ideas and text. Often, the overuse of styling techniques gives packaging a chaotic look. Instead, you should aim for a simple design that stands out and blends with your brand image.