Industrial PVC Doors: Three Essential Care Guidelines for Prolonged Service

PVC doors in the industrial environment require minimal care and maintenance in comparison to alternative products. In general, this plastic material is not prone to rusting and corrosion like the common metallic doors. Therefore, you do not need to worry about protecting the surfaces from moisture, air and other adverse conditions. Moreover, PVC is an inexpensive material, and it can withstand significant impact and pressure without damage. Still, you should not neglect your PVC door after installation in your industrial space. With a little care, you can prolong the lifespan of the structure. Here are some simple upkeep tips to help you preserve your PVC doors.

Operate the Door Correctly

You should use the PVC doors in your premises with care to avoid accidental damage. Often, industrial doors sustain accelerated wear because the users handle the features roughly. If the entrance structure experiences strain, the framing and general components will deteriorate fast. If the entryways in your building handle heavy foot traffic, you should think about installing PVC swing doors. These structures are easy to operate without the use of physical force. The equipment in your industrial space can damage PVC doors due to impact. Therefore, if you have some machines such as forklifts which must pass through the entrances, you should replace the doors with strip curtains.

Lubricate the Moving Parts

Industrial PVC doors have multiple components which move when the feature is opened or closed. While this repetitive movement is not strenuous, it can cause accelerated wear of these parts. This degradation is caused by the friction generated between the moving surfaces such as the hinges and associated metal parts. Also, the friction tends to generate annoying squeaks during operation. You can minimise the resistive force and the subsequent degradation by lubricating these components. You can purchase appropriate oil or grease from your local hardware store. For the best results, you should use non-petroleum oils to prevent accumulation of dust.

Clean the PVC Door

You should clean your industrial PVC doors to preserve the appeal of the feature for a long time to come. Dirty doors are a turn-off for visitors and business partners, and they can harbour germs, exposing the workers to diseases. There are no special requirements for cleaning a standard PVC door. You will only need a mild detergent and water and a soft sponge or squeegee. You should never use an abrasive tool or solution. For the right outcome, you should wash the plastic surface carefully, rinse off the soap and allow the structure to dry.