4 Reasons You Should Make the Change to Rainwater

There's no doubt that Australians like watering their gardens! According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average Australian uses 103 kilolitres of water at home per year. That's 103 THOUSAND litres, enough to fill a standard 80-litre bathtub almost 1300 times! So, how can choosing to collect your own rainwater end up helping your health, bills and the environment as a whole?

Know What You're Drinking

Have you ever tried to research what's being put into your water? Have you thought about what's leaching into your water from kilometres of old and/or plastic piping systems? Why waste your money on expensive reverse-osmosis or activated carbon water filters in an attempt to 'purify' chemically infused and treated water, when you can get it straight from the sky for free? It would likely even be cleaner! When you own a rainwater tank of your own, you are in complete control of the entire system.

Decrease Your Carbon Footprint

Whether your water comes from the ground, a dam or a desalination plant, there's no doubt that a large amount of energy was burnt in the process of pumping it to you. On top of that, money, time, and trees are wasted creating infrastructure, with the sole purpose of delivering, cleaning, and storing your water. As the population of Australia grows, so will this infrastructure; there's not many other options. Though one of these other options makes a lot of sense—homeowners producing, managing and storing their own water. Even just using a small tank helps us progress towards a greener future.

Save on Bills

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australians are continuing to pay more for less water, at about $584 per household per year. That may not seem like much when you compare it to the price of a larger water tank, but have you thought about what it'll add to the price of your home? Or what you'll save over the course of 20 years, for example? The savings really add up after a while, particularly if the price of water keeps trending upwards. There are also many different rebates available from the government for installing a rainwater tank. Depending on your region, you might be eligible.

Have You Tasted Rainwater?

Tap water goes from average to disgusting depending on the suburb. Bottled water is often flavoured, to mask the hints of plastic from the microparticles leached in from the bottle. If you haven't had the chance to experience the purity of rainwater, you're missing out.