4 Things to Look for in Ute Tray Tool Boxes

Tool boxes are a useful ute tray accessory. If your tradies use ute trays when they are out on jobs, then these boxes give them a secure way of keeping all their tools together.

Adding tool boxes also helps you avoid problems with your business insurance. For example, if someone steals tools from one of your utes, then your policy may not pay out on the theft if the tools weren't securely locked away. If you have tool boxes on all your vehicles, this isn't a problem.

Not all ute tray tool boxes are the same, and it's important to pick the best one for your company's needs. What should you look for?

1. Secure Locks

To a certain extent, a ute tray tool box is only as good as its lock. Your aim here isn't just to have somewhere to store tools; you also want them to be securely stored.

So, make sure that a tool box has at least one lock — larger boxes may come with two — and that the lock itself is securely mounted into the box casing. Avoid boxes where the locks look flimsy and easy to force open.

2. Secure Fixing

Even the best lock in the world won't help you if a tool box isn't securely fixed to its ute tray. If the fixings are weak, a thief could simply force the box off the tray and steal the whole thing.

Buying ute trays with built in boxes is an option. If you're adding tool boxes to existing ute trays, then look for products that are firmly bolted on to the ute tray in multiple places.

3. Strong Materials

People can break into tool boxes that aren't made from sturdy materials. For example, some thin metal meshes can be bent to open the box up.

Boxes made from thick, heavy duty aluminium are strong and damage resistant. Look for boxes that are welded rather than riveted and that have concealed hinges. These types of tool boxes are stronger and have fewer weak areas that could be used as access points.

4. Size and Design

Finally, to keep your tradies organised and to give them enough space to lock away all their tools, consider tool box size before you buy. You need enough room to hold all of your crew's tools at once. Buying tool boxes with built in drawers, shelves or internal boxes may also be useful if your utes carry small accessories or parts.

To find out more, talk to your ute equipment supplier.